Men love the thrill of chase. And when it comes to chasing women, men prefer a woman who can give a considerable amount of mental challenge. They go for a confident woman who communicates directly with a man, in much the same way men communicate with one another. In this way, it’s easier for a man to deal with her than with a woman who waffles or appears too emotional, because the emotionally sensitive type of woman confuses him

An independent woman knows what she likes and has an easier time expressing it directly. As a result, she usually gets what she wants. According to Shery Argov in her book Why Men Love Bitches, here are the ten characteristics that define an independent woman.

1. She maintains her independence 

It doesn’t matter if she is the CEO of a company or a waitress. She earns an honest living. She has honor, and she isn’t standing there with her hand out. She knows that being financially beholden by him means she is no longer independent.

2. She doesn’t pursue him

The moon and the sun and the stars don’t revolve around him. He is part of her life but not her whole life. She doesn’t make her dates with him when her horoscope advises that his big Mercury is about to retrograde in her little Venus. She doesn’t chase him or keep tabs on him. He is not the center of the world.

3. She is mysterious

There is a difference between honesty and disclosure. She is honest but does not reveal everything. She isn’t verbally putting her cards on the table. Familiarity breeds contempt and predictability breeds boredom.

4. She leaves him wanting

She doesn’t see him every night or leave long messages on his machine. She isn’t on a first-name basis with his secretary in one week. Men equate longing with love. Longing is good.

5. She doesn’t let him see her sweat

She keeps communication from getting messy and avoids communicating when upset. When she clears her head, she is succinct and speaks in a “bottom line” way.

6. She remains in control of her time

She takes it slowly, especially when he wants to hurry. She moves to her rhythm, not his, preventing him from taking control of her.

7. She maintains a sense of humor

A sense of humor lets him know she is detached. However, she doesn’t treat disrespect as a laughing matter.

8. She places a high value on herself

When he gives her a compliment, she says thank you. She doesn’t talk him out of it. She doesn’t ask what the ex looked like and doesn’t compete with other women.

9. She is passionate about something other than him

When he feels he isn’t the “be all and end all” of her existence, it makes her more desirable. Staying busy ensures she isn’t resentful if he is unavailable. He doesn’t have a monopoly on the rent space in her head. He doesn’t get Park Place, and he doesn’t get Boardwalk. He gets one of those little purple properties next to Go.

10. She treats her body like a finely tuned machine

She maintains her appearance and health. A person’s self-respect is reflected in how he or she maintains physical appearance. If he tells her he doesn’t like red lipstick, she wears it anyway, if it makes her feel good