Tell us who you want to be when you grow up” My grade 6 teacher asked. “A first lady” I replied with a confidence that lasted for few minutes before I could hear everyone laughing at me.

That day I spent many hours thinking of why other students received rounds of applause when they said their dream careers except for me who was pretty sure of my ambition. Few weeks later My mother was escorting me to school, On the way we met her old friend who was very surprised to see her with a daughter since the last time they saw each other my mom only had 4 boys and my last brother is 10 years older than me so you can imagine the time that passed.

“Sakinyangachi finally you’ve got yourself a baby girl” she said excitedly and once again she asked who I wanted to be when I grow up. I hesitated for a while before my mom replied “A doctor, Yes Doctor Balbina”.

Their laughter continued but I was in the middle of confusion. I always told my mother that I wanted to be a first lady but she never said anything about it and only kept on saying that I should be a doctor emphasizing that it’s the only job that is of great value. When I reached to school, I decided to confront my teacher and told her that I want to be a first lady as always, she laughed so hard but this time she looked into my face and told me “You can be a first lady but it’s not something that brings you to school, you can’t study only to be a first lady. You need to have a real dream career”.

As a 12 years kid from all that I have been hearing, I came to a conclusion that being a doctor was a real dream career. I then finished my primary level education and was selected to a nation’s special talent school Jangwani secondary school. This is where not for so long I realized my passion and that was to help people by solving the community’s problems but this time I was pretty sure that I needed to find a professional career that would help me fulfill my passion.

A part from being a very good academician I was brilliant in socializing with my fellows and the community at whole, this made me a great leader at school where I was a class representative for 3 consecutive years. In 2014 I was selected to represent my school in Tanzania Young scientist’s competition where me and my partner did a project in social and political science category where we were the second runner.

That is when my thirstiness for learning science increased, I started working late in the laboratory and enjoyed every second of it. Not for so long I graduated from secondary school with excellent grades in all my subjects which made it difficult for people to predict what I was going to do next.

My parents never had a chance to study, my brothers never graduated from high school. All of them looked at me as the heroine of the family and all that they wanted for me was to be a doctor and help our family whenever they get sick.

“Today I went to the hospital the doctor in charge of your uncle was very rude to us, I pray someday we get a doctor from our family to avoid such problems” said my mother. I was sure that I didn’t want to be a doctor and that was when I stood up for myself that I wanted to be working in a technology related field, I wanted to work in the laboratory to create solutions for the doctors and others who were in science related fields. That was all that I wanted and made it all clear to them.

In 2016 I was selected to join Benjamin Mkapa high school to study Physics, Biology, Applied Mathematics and Chemistry, the subjects I loved the most. Again, this time I was caught up loving something extra apart from my studies. I developed a passion in computer studies especially in programming skills and took it far by combining it with problem solving to create a social impact in the community.

That’s when I founded Huduma smart which is a company that fights against harsh working environment for domestic workers through providing training and job market for them via where they get official contracts and their working modalities is well improved.

In 2018 I graduated high school with good grades in all subjects and moreover to that I had a final year project that was involved a research on the trend of Urinary Tract Infection in our school which turned out to be the project of the year.

To wrap up my long story about my career ambitions, I am now taking Environmental science at Ardhi University. It is the decision that I didn’t originally plan, but I am still learning how to love the course. This is how my career ambitions has been changing