Many people didn’t take Cardi B for a serious rapper when she started her music career. For many, she was viewed as nothing than just an ex stripper trying to make a breakthrough in a wrong place. Not even when her her mega hit single Bodak Yellow topped the charts and broke records did much to convince the most critic minds.

But being defiant and reckless, Cardi never ceased to prove haters wrong by letting the success talk.

In her track Get Up 10, Cardi is pouring out the reality of street hustle especially when everyone is counting you out just because you are a woman. In the song, she raps about how narrow the window of opportunity was, strip in the club or lose.

Her no filter altitude and being publicly discussing her stripping career potentially made her an internet celebrity. Cardi’s thick accent and aggressive rapping style is a unique standing quality that makes her just her.

Last year, Cardi B won five BET awards including, Best New Hip Hop Artist and Hustler of the Year. This raised even more eye brows and officially earned Cardi B a stardom status. Her firs album, Invasion of Privacy has been positively praised by many artists such as P Diddy.

There will always be challenges and critics but hard work, determination and consistency will get you up the ladder of success. And of course, try to make your move in silence.

To the hustlers