Because they don’t know about life either! Their life experiences may not be the same as yours. They all tell the same stories —that may not help you —or you probably heard of them quite often.

I wrote an article about the over-hyped mantra of positive thinking and how public speakers are selling the idea of positive thinking to people, you can read the article HERE

We live in the world where everyone who read a book or two can brand themselves public speakers or motivational speakers. But the thing is, most of these public speakers have nothing motivating but only populists who have crammed a bunch of quotes from random books

The question is, how many inspiration events do you have to attend until you get motivated to do your things? Do you really need someone to tell you that you can? Sometimes you don’t need a bunch of quotes or buy a book to get you started —you just do your things and learn your lessons along the process

Maybe you’re drawing inspiration from all the wrong places and that’s why it’s not working for you. Even the tiny little accomplishments are inspiring —it doesn’t always have to be big people doing bigger things to be called inspirational. Perhaps your parents’ marriage is older than the Carters but when you’re asked who’s your favorite couple you mention Jay-Z and Beyonce! We always look for fancier titles as our role models and idols.

If we are not careful, we will end up living the illusions that others have created for us.

Some rich businesses people flood the internet and bookshops with speeches and books on how to make it big in business. They made it look so simple. You almost feel lazy for not being like them. According to them all you need is vision, plan, consistency, open mind and believe in yourself. Something is left unsaid.

You may ask yourself this question —what happened to the old generation? Were they not having open minds? Didn’t they have consistency? Or vision? Or plan? In fact, some of them worked really harder than we are now but somehow along the way real life intervened and things went they way nobody expected.

It needs a grown-up person to understand that life is not fair. You just have to do what you can in the situation you are in —Steven Hawkins In the process of living —real life may intervene and put you in a different situation from another person.

So, it’s possible that Bill Gates life story may not be relevant to you because you passed through different life situations and different environments. Instead of falling in the illusions of a billionaire mindset proposed by inspirational speakers, try to be realistic and honest with your situation —whether you have the required abilities, tools and channels to make you accomplish something