For many years now I’ve been wondering whether I have lived my Dreams or the Purpose of life.

Well, the two are synonyms but the original intent for the creation of a thing original with the specific reason for existence of the thing end for which the means exist cause for the creation of a thing desired result that initiates a product need that makes manufacturer produce a specific product destination that prompts the journey expectation of the source objective for the subject aspiration for the inspiration object a person wills or resolves to have and we call that thing Purpose.

What do you want to do with your Life?

Everything in a life form has Purpose, it’s this purpose that is the only source of meaning and answers to our dreams. In the absence of Purpose life is like a haphazard journey that result in frustration, disappointment and total failure.

I think it’s essential to discover that reason in first place so that we can experience an effective, full and rewarding life. We all have dreams yet very few from among have discovered the Purpose of life.