To the best of my knowledge, most of us have suffered from pain, for a short period; your phone screen breaking or for a long period; losing a loved one. Emotional pain is additive, when someone faces so many situations that cause pain, it gets to their mind and becomes part of them. Depression, stress, fear, guilt are everyday feelings that cause emotional pain to most people. It’s the world’s pains and sorrows that motivate or demotivate everything that takes place in the world.

Thinking deeply about emotional pain and its unseen but strong effects, I have come to wonder if people really heal from emotional pain. Do the body and brain get used to this pain?. If the things that caused deep pain to you are still causing pain to other people, that means you are always reminded of your own pain. This type of empathy and sympathy makes it hard for people to erase their memories and heal. We always ask our selves our pain might end, in reality, it continues to live on with us.

The sorrow in our hearts is at times great that we feel crushed inside. At the end of the day, the question still stands, do we heal from pain or we carry it in our hearts. Having spoken to those suffering from emotional pain, they told me that with time, it feels better.

I hold it inside me, it is in my head.

No one knows about it. 

I feel it in me, want to share the experience, 

But it’s unexplainable.

Will this feeling stop, or I will have to get used to it?

The truth is that it is now part of my life.

The reaction towards our pain makes its effects more or less felt. Through trying to endure the tragedies of life, the pain constantly gets created in our lives and builds within us. Every time we remember what caused the pain, we cry again as though it happened then. All the feelings that cause pain are healthy and necessary for pain relief. Every day we wake up, we write our life stories, everything we do point to a story. What if we wrote our stories with peace since they are written in pen and the lines with pain cannot be erased. If we would open my eyes, think about what caused pain before and it would no longer be causing pain.

Inspired by those whose pain the world does not know about yet, those who are trying to heal from pain and trying to find a reason to feel good again. They might not truly understand the pain behind that story, it’s filled with gaps, questions and bitterness. Written with love and respect to those stories I have had a chance listened to.