The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who also happen to be a good complainer. I am not judging him but mshikaji amezidi yani, or I can say he is probably anxious about the life after graduation. What I had to do to cool off my beloved friend’s worry was to tell him that he is not alone! I told him I’m worried too, which of course is true, for we are both expecting to graduate the next month and we are pursuing a degree course that seems to be no longer marketable. So, we have a right to be worried kwakweli.

In our conversation, I raised a very serious question, that if people say life after school is hard, what about school life? Has it been simple? I bet no. And if it is, I suppose all of our friends who didn’t make it past secondary schools would have been here taking their degrees with us.

That’s how I convinced my friend to look at the bright side, that maybe life isn’t supposed to be easy after all. People cannot have everything in life presented to them on a plate, they work for it, they make things happen.

In the city of Dar es Salaam, you will see people sweating their butts off in a commuter train and congested passenger buses hurrying to their work places. That’s life. Come at Kariakoo and you’ll see young energetic wananchi selling products of every sort, from Maasai sandals to electronic gadgets, Mama ntilies feeding the crowd with foods of every kind. That is life!

School life is hard

In school, life is not a smooth ride either. There are lots of stresses to go through in a week, stresses from mean lecturers — not all of them of course — who always award us fewer marks and threaten us to carry over the courses, stresses from failed relationships, sleepless nights preparing for exams, group discussions for a series of endless assignments and many other issues that I cannot mention on this article lest my college administration folks kick my ass out of school.

There are also these boring uncomfortable dressing codes that we are supposed to put on while we are around the college. Now can someone tell me how this is easy? I can’t help the thrilling adrenaline that comes from the realization that I am going to graduate the next month.

The thing that troubles my friend so much is that he has not saved much money to help him start a small business after leaving campus and he never tried any entrepreneurial activity while at college. Now he is beating himself over wasted time. He is one of those fellas who get caught in the web of campus life fantasies like partying and going on expensive dates that didn’t even work out in the end.

Like I said I am not judging my friend and I am not saying that I lived my college life more careful than him, I am only thankful to my antisocial behavior that I didn’t go out with him on parties and birthday celebrations. I am that kind of a person who would spend the whole weekend behind closed doors watching my favorite TV shows that I download from torrent sites. Well, that’s less expensive.

To cut the long story short, me and my friend came to a realization that life is generally challenging and school life is a passing time – not permanent, we were meant to leave this place anyways.

So, blaming yourself for having not lived college life accordingly does not help, take it as an experience and that experience will serve you in ways that you do not expect. The only thing that matter is that after graduation, a new chapter of life begins and we need the courage and a positive mind to carry on.

Good news is that you are young, you still have plenty of time to try new things. Marcus Aurelius, a Roman emperor has once said,

Do not let the future disturb you, for you will arrive there, if you arrive, with the same reason you now apply to the present

Marcus Aurelius