I would love to tell the story, the untold story, the still folded story that no one would never believe. A girl born in Eastern Uganda, where education is not valued and where those who have gone to school have no difference with those who did not go.

Sitting down one time, listening to the story, of a girl who attended the worst school for her primary (Fairway primary school) but later in life joined one of the top universities in the world (University of British Columbia), the story of a girl who was never in class for a full month because of her Anemic condition and she always needed blood transfusions, the story of a girl who beats all the odds in life.

“I wish life would give everyone the same chances ” She silently said to her self, Chances where we all attend school, where we all get the medical attention we need, she had the chance to get those but she is worried of all the other children who can not get those opportunities because of their hardships in life, may be socio-economic class or background.

That girl is me.

I believe that we all stand the same opportunities to succeed in life, yes they are laid out somewhere just that we all can not access them. How do you beat the odds, how do you set your own legacy, it is through doing what you can do, do it to your best.

Being always out of school due to financial struggles and health problems, I did not get a chance to compete with all the other students, I did not do what everyone considered to be for the “smart students”.

I did not engage in sports activities or any strenuous activities that would have possibly made me outstanding. For every opportunity I got to show my abilities, I did my best, I only did what I could do, I did not try to do what all the smart students did but did what I could personally do. That’s my secret to all my success story. I get pride in everything that I do to my best, even though no one appreciates me, I encourage my self.

Everything you do, do it to your best.