When many things about you are combined together, they form something that is unique to you —your identity. And this identity of yours has very much impact and influence to almost everything that happens in your life.

The things about you —strengths and weaknesses, talents, abilities, likes and dislikes, they are the perfect definition of who you are, what career you should take, what lover will suit you, or what lifestyle suits you best.

Sometimes we choose lifestyles, partners or careers that do not match our identities, only to realize later that we’re disappointed and not happy with our lives.

So how do you know your identity? First you need to understand the two types of personalities and determine which one you are.

Introvert vs Extrovert

We essentially fall into one of these two identities —introvert or extrovert. Each one has strengths and weaknesses —none is better than the other. Introverts are personal and contained —they do not express themselves very much. While extroverts are outward and expressive.

How can your Identity guide you to a fulfilling career?

Introverts; If you are more personal and you like being alone, enjoying your own presence and own peace, then you may consider a career in IT (Software Development) or accounting. Introverts are better in managerial posts because they are firm and authoritative since they do not express themselves very much.

Extroverts; If you are an outgoing person and you find it fun mingling with the crowd, then you need to find a career that will put you in interaction with people. It may include these jobs —public relations, marketing, law, research, reporting journalism, community development, personnel management.

Cautious vs Inquisitive

These are the other habits or traits we happen to pick along the way as a matter of principle or interest.

A cautious person is the one who likes order and neatness in everything around them. If you are the one, you may need to find jobs in librarianship, supplies management, audit or accounting.

An inquisitive person on the other hand, the one who likes question everything —like those people who destroys every gadget that come into their hand in order to find out what’s in it. These can do better in engineering, investigative journalism, print, research and business.

Making a career choice puts many of us at crossroads. We want to do something exciting and satisfying. While we ought to do not rush the career decisions, it is important we make them early and make the right choice.