You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to be a giant among people, but you do need a habit of thinking and acting big. The world no longer need some thoughtless losers anymore. You have a power to become a different you – not just ordinary somebody but someone who can command respect among people. Dan Brown says “great minds are always feared by lesser minds”

So how do you become a great thinker? David J. Schwartz, PhD – author of The Magic of Thinking Big, has these four suggestions (30 days of personal improvement) on how you can sharpen your mind.

Invest two hours each week reading professional magazine in your field

You went to school to learn your career but you do understand that learning is a lifelong process, which calls a necessity for you to keep finding insights about your specialization. If you’re a lawyer read lawyer stuff – find a law magazine or a newspaper that feature a legal column. If you’re a teacher, read teaching stuffs.

Reading about your career will keep you updated with new findings about your field and you will stand out of the crowd – by reading you don’t remain the same like those who don’t read.

But remember not to be limited on your area of specialization – Robert Kiyosaki insists for a necessity of knowing a little about a lot, Dan Brown says – “One does not need to have cancer to understand its symptoms” – so you need to read widely.

Read one self-help book
You know the power of inspiration. A book is your personal coach – your personal mentor, you don’t have to go after every inspirational speaking events while you can grab a book and have all the knowledge you want. Read one self help book every month – it’s for personal development, it inspires you to make better choices and take positive actions more often.

Acquire new friends every day

Always strive to expand your network – do not be limited only to circle of relatives and high school friends, sometime even a total stranger can be lot more helpful than your relatives. It is all about people management skills –very important skill. You can make at least four new friends in thirty days –reach out to a stranger shake hands firmly, state your names and ask for theirs– the best way of making new friends is to remember stranger’s names and call it out whenever you see them, it gives the impression that you are a social being.

Spend 30 minutes meditating

When you turn everything off in your room, what are you left with? It’s an important question that leads to understanding yourself. Spend 30 minutes daily in a quiet, undisturbed thinking. “Everything begins in the mind. If you want to see clearly, you need clear vision” – Swarmi Satchidananda. It is important to have a moment alone thinking – it is a way of understanding yourself better and it helps cleansing your emotions. There are many benefits comes out of meditating or thinking in a quiet environment – try it out