The hardest truths are the ones that we have to tell ourselves. And I am about to tell you one. But before I tell you the hardest truth about us Africans, I suggest you read first my previous article HERE, because it’s the source of this article. But, if you don’t feel like navigating in my blog it’s fine, let’s just get down to topic right here.

The thing is, we Africans have never been honest with ourselves for so long, and it’s about time we start telling the truth about us. When the western world makes comments about us —about our so many problems, we are quick to react, we are quick to look on the negative side and call it western propaganda.

When Donald Trump called African countries ‘shit hole’ —which is really an insult and should not be tolerated, did anyone take a moment to look around Kibera in Nairobi? Or the slums of Manzese and Tandika in Dar es Salaam? They look a lot more like, well, the polite words than shit hole —dirty? Unsanitary? The only mistake Trump did was not being politically correct, like using the phrases such as third world countries or developing countries. But what difference does it make? It all mean the same thing that we are backward. Why then we’re mad at someone telling us we’re backward, isn’t it the truth?

When we come top on lists of disease statistics, we wave them off and call it western propaganda. When we make the top list of corruption and bad leadership, we quickly attack the report itself and turn a blind eye to the real problems —Even when we have people like Yoweri Museveni and Mugabe who thinks that they are the only ones who know how to lead people. When NGOs are working to liberate a girl child to get her rights, we say it’s not our way, but what good has our ways done in gender equality? in technology? in leadership?

I am not trying to say that there’s no such thing as western propaganda —we all know the western capitalism is after our resources. But I think that it is becoming an excuse for us to do nothing to the problems that need our immediate and undivided attention.

It’s pathetic to see that even people who don’t have the knowledge in research questioning the validity of a report conducted by a reputable firm only because they don’t like what it says. In fact, we don’t even need a research to be done to know that there’s high rate of, say HIV, or poverty or child marriage or women subjugation —it’s all there for everyone to see. So, we should stop shrugging off when someone from outside come and tell us about it.

We are all Capitalists

In the world of 21st century, there is no such thing as neo colonialism, there’s only survival for the smartest —be smart or be outsmarted. We are all in the capitalist way of life. We Africans, have abandoned our communal way of life long ago. Nyerere tried socialism and it slipped out of his hands, China is now capitalist —what is our excuse then? We are either the capitalists or trapped in capitalism and soon or later were going to learn how to play the game. It is an inevitable change.

What is our fight?

The irony is that, while we fight tooth and nail to resist western capitalism, we also cherish some of its aspects like Christianity, their language, even the names of our streets are foreign —which makes our resistance useless. Capitalism is a package of many things —free trade, homosexuality, Google, Facebook etc. And when you accept one thing, you are only a few steps away from accepting the other.