The many challenges that I have faced in life have helped me to understand that not everyone needs to know and not everyone can offer help. I was always disappointed in my friends every time I told them a problem, that in their sense, was small and they always told me that I should instead be grateful for the good things. Yes, I was grateful but there were some challenges that always came up and caused pain.

The heart carries so much that the mouth can not let out, our hearts at times get troubled and filled with unbearable pain, caused by the world we surround ourselves with. After those that I expected to help me recover actually caused more pain, I decided to deeply think about my life, who needs to know and who can actually help. I decided that every time, I had a challenge, I should only share it with those who were like me at that point in life, only those knew how it felt and those who would help me recover. Remember that however much the world around you is empathetic and sympathetic, they cannot really understand what you feel unless they have felt it before.

People in the world get so much frustrated after facing challenges and sharing them with their “friends” yes they are your friends but if they haven’t been there, trust me, they will not tell you what you exactly need to be told.

Stop blaming people that they don’t care, people care but they do not really understand what you are facing and so cannot give you the advise or comfort you need. They will just tell you “you know what, do not mind, you will be fine”. Yet In actual sense, what we need is more than those lines, we need someone to feel what we feel and understand the pain behind the whole situation.

I have friends who are close to me but actually never know what takes place in my life, because I don’t want to blame them for not really helping. I always look out for “strangers” who have experienced or felt the same. Only those in the same boat with you know who it felt when the boat was sinking. Remember that you have the ability to heal, first as you alone and then with those who have been there.