Most of superhero movies I have watched, in which the characters are trying to save the human race from a catastrophic threat —they only save New York in the end, as if that is the world to them. So, I usually wonder, do these guys can’t find other locations? We have seen, quite many times, movies set in Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, New York and I am sure half of the movies to be released next month will be set right to the same usual places we always see on screen, everyday. 

Black Panther made big sells in Africa not only because it is African themed but because people expected to see more of actual African places —which unfortunately, the movie didn’t show much of African places —you wouldn’t really notice them much. What was so difficult to come to Uganda or Rwanda —the language of thousand hills. 

I am trying to imagine, what’s new coming with the Furious 9 —flying cars? Oh they already did that. So, what then? Going back to Caribbean or Tokyo —or Dubai again? Where is the next Tomb Rider movie going to be set? (Come to Amboni Caves) And by the way, we need more of Africa, I mean real Africa location in the next Wakanda movie. 

Guys, come to Africa —East Africa specifically. Come to my country and speak in tongues —we have many languages here. Come to Dar es Salaam, come to Nairobi city. Those furious 9 cars should be cruising on Tanzania’s highways with all the adventures along the way —mountains, rivers, wildlife parks —its actually still Eden in Tanzania’s most places. 

I believe directors will be saving much money for shooting in Africa locations. The prices are generally low —who wouldn’t want to be seen in Hollywood? Shooting on same places over and over again is lacking creativity. 

Africa has a growing number of Hollywood fans and soon or later, movie directors are going to consider investing in Africa.