There are times in life when you feel like the entire weight of the universe is weighing on your shoulders. Times when life is seriously throwing stones at you and you have no idea what to do. This is where stress and depression start messing up your head.

Stress or depression comes at times when your heart got broken, when you got rejected for that job, got a physical injury, when you were not accepted at that university —or when you are facing death in the eye while your time is not yet to come.

At this moment in your life, you feel like you can’t go on anymore —you lose hope, you fall into the funk of despair, you push people away —you blame people and you blame yourself, sometimes you blame God —you lose hope, literally. Now before you drown into the pool of such miseries —I want you to remember this as a way to help you wisely deal with your stress and depression.

You are not alone

You might be in a situation where you ask yourself the question “why me?”. Every one has been there, every one has been depressed and stressed —and, you may never know, by the moment you’re stressing, there’s a lot others out there going through the same situation you are in —perhaps even worse situations. People have shitty days all the time —you’re not alone —others are, or may be, just better at hiding their inner issues.

You  have been there before

You have been stressed before, you have been depressed before —you’ve been on a funk before, and perhaps you may have forgotten that you survived tougher situations than this. Now, you can at least take solace in the fact that you are not stranger to this feelings —you are not stranger to the dark, therefore, fear not for we only fear what we do not understand.

It will pass

Things come and go and whatever that is troubling your mind right now, it will pass. Depression may take time but surely it will pass. Like river waters running past the bridge, so will your stress and depression pass —it’s only a little too hard to go through and I am not telling you it will pass easily or it’s okay —because it’s not.

You are human

You are only human —not a rock that can stand harsh weathers and seasons for many years, but you’re human —fragile and vulnerable. Being human means going through many things —good and bad ones, and today you’re on your bad ones. We humans are not blessed like the perfect romantic characters in Hollywood movies —we are both blessed and cursed by real life. You can only acknowledge your stress and depression for now that they are part of your emotions —and they are temporary.

It is just life

When there is darkness in your tunnel, you need to know that it’s just life again. Life has a tendency of putting us into many tests —sometimes life can grab you by the neck and shake you down just to see where your strength lies. Right now, you are facing some bitter realities of life. So, hold on —let stress and depression take their time, it is all worth it in the end —light will shine at the end of your tunnel

Listen to the whisper of hope. Something is whispering to you. You just can’t hear it. Because you don’t listen carefully. Hope is whispering to you. Listen to the depths of your heart. There is still hope, and it whispers to you. It talks to you —through the air. Never give up. Hope will always whisper to you. Hope will always save you from the depths of your despair.