In the beginning, it’s fire meets gasoline! Lovers just can’t get enough of each other – suffocating each other’s mobile with longer texts, midnight calls, the unquenchable desire to be together all the time and all the bliss moments.

Then comes the unexpected, with little or no sign at all you find yourselves struggling really hard to make it up to each other. The relationship turns into the ugly side of delayed message replies, missed calls and stupid excuses.

And you have developed this annoying habit of waiting who should text first, that if I texted you last then you are the one to text next and if you don’t, then the day just go as that- silence!

The communication which was supposed to be the key to your relationship is now endangered. Your communication barely passes the greetings stage, that if you are okay and your significant other is fine then it’s okay. No one is willing to cultivate into the deep and meaningful conversations like you used to be before. One is playing dumb, the other one is acting busy or tired.

The relationship is slipping off your hands and you both seem too dried up to revive the bids for emotional connection to save it. All you are left with is a huge question mark nagging at the back of your mind, where did the flame go? Where did you go wrong – oh did you do something wrong?

Love is complicated and such a strange thing, I have found a way to understand it from a line in Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, Origin that goes; Love is from another realm. We cannot manufacture it on demand. Nor can we subdue it when it appears. Love is not our choice to make.

So, I have to agreeing with DanBrown that maybe love is not our choice to make. It comes when it comes and leave when it leaves. The least we can do is to savor every moment we are in love and hope we stays in love with the same burning flame we started off with.