Turn on a radio now or a TV channel and within no time you will be presented with colorful ads and smiling faces of people winning lotteries, millions of cash! You will be surprised and tempted, wondering whether you are the only one who is being left behind on the fast ladder to kissing poverty bye.

But your intellectual intuitions telling you that something is not right with these lottery companies. Therein no single person in our community that we know of, who have actually become rich out of those over hyped lottery promotions. Some of the lotteries are so closed that there is no way we can prove whether the people we are shown as winners are actually winners or just some guy picked to fool the public.

Let’s say its true that people actually win that amount of money, the question is, how many people place their bets to win a lottery and how many comes out winners? Probably a few handfuls of people out of the millions.

See, behind two or ten winners there are millions of losers mourning their loss. If this is the probability of winning a lottery, why would someone sit their asses out there waiting for their chance – a chance that may never come- to come?

Unlike someone who invests their money in realistic business, in lottery there is no guarantee of getting your money back. It is a desperate gamble for the most deluded ones.

The sad thing is, you can’t talksense into the lottery addicts. They will present you with overwhelming reasonswhy lottery is good, first they are unemployed or dissatisfied with their salary income, second every media personality and public figures are promoting either one or two lottery companies and the most important reason of all is that the government allows lottery. So apparently betting is the new hustle.

Now most of the youths are obsessed with the idea of getting easy money, they are not willing to sweat their butts off to earn their legit income. The idea of patience, persistence and hard work is dying among many youths. They are being fed with false perceptions that one can wake up one morning with millions of moneys and instantly become rich.

Every day you will hear guys cursing for having missed the millions narrowly, and the thrill of having missed the millions narrowly is what keeps them placing their bets- draining their thin wallets every day. And of course, there is one interesting psychology of what is going on in the mind of an esteemed lottery addict, that when they see the possible mount to be won, in their mind half of the amount is spent already! So, this kind of illusion – the act of imagining and spending only in mind is what traps people a frustrating hopeless gamble.

So, what is the moral implication of a society whose people are being constantly and publicly told that their problems will go away if they keep playing lotteries? Who is bold enough to tell these lazy thoughtless youths that richness is not a common place and that lottery is far from being rich but a fast route to being broke and frustrated?

Betting can be an interesting game for fans to spice up the love of their favorite games, but when it turns into a desperate gamble it’s a disaster. Lottery ads should be filtered for the sake of the young generation. We don’t want to create a society of lazy unthinking youths who looks for shortcuts in life. People should understand the orgasmic feeling that comes out of earning their own legit money.