Great words were written hundreds of thousands ago and they still impact on our lives today, those are the great quotations or inspiration lines that we adore. There is a connection between people and written words.

People have established a connection between themselves and written words, this is because they reach the hearts more than anything. I believe in the power of writing and always use this to achieve all my goals such as through writing interesting stories and poems, my passions for children have been met, I interact with children through writing and expressing my ideas, I have gotten engaged in different communities by sending my poems to far places.

I have a positive attitude towards all writing, it’s the only way to express feelings and concerns, if given any opportunity to join a project or conference, Good writing influences everyone and reaches so many people, to express feelings and ideas that can’t not be well explained in speech, I would use my writing skills to improve and influence positively. I want to live a word behind that will be said years after I vanish from the face of the world. I believe in the power of writing.