The movie, Black Panther depicts an African state that is technologically advanced — which is either a big joke to Africa or an encouragement to become so. But Africa would have, probably, been advanced like the movie say if it were not colonized for so long — being drained from it’s valuable “vibranium” by those who are now technologically “advanced”.

Black Panther is a great movie. It is a movie that has something to every one — boys and girls, men and women. Most importantly — one of those rare films that celebrates blackness — creating a perfect utopia for an African state.

There are many aspects Africa can draw from the Wakanda nation, but these are important.

Women deserve equal chances

Africa is a deeply patriarchal society — we both know that, but Wakanda is different — different in the sense that men and women are equal, not like the Africa we know where women are marginalized into wifery and domestic occupations. In Wakanda, we see Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) — a fiercely independent woman who does not just want to get married and be a princess in a palace, she has jobs to do. History says that there were times before coming of the British where women in Africa used to carry out important roles the same as men.

Africa should first start by giving a girl child opportunity to education — most instances of gender inequality and discrimination are associated with one gender (women) to lack necessary education.

Africa needs to have a voice

Africa is so quiet that it lets the outside world interpret it the way it like. There are millions of articles online talking about Africa as a single country — generalizing it as poor or ignorant. Instead of keeping things to itself, Africa needs to have a voice of its own — Wakanda decided to come out to the world — showing the world what is really is, and even provide help to other nations in need.

Our enemies come from within

When it comes to accounting for reasons why Africa is so backward we always trace back to colonial invasion — blaming how the whites took all of our resources, how they keep coming back for us in names like investors, sponsors. But the truth is, some Africans like Killmonger and Killmonger’s fathers turn their backs on their fellow Africans and help people with selfish evil motives to pry on Africa

Not all whites are enemies

Like angent Ross helping Wakanda in the most critical times, not all whites are looking for exploiting our resources — matter of fact, we need their contributions in making progress of our countries. We only need to be careful which one we choose to be our friend.