The other day I was talking to my friend and he confided with me about his relationship dilemma. That he and his girlfriend are not doing well. The relationship has lost its taste after being together for more than a year. 

His girlfriend is not interested in every conversation he tries to bring up. He says he has done nothing for her to act so different. It all started to happen after they graduated from college. He says he can text her in the morning only to be replied the next day —with short form texts like K, Yes, Fine —something she wasn’t doing before. 

Being unable to remain silent no more, he managed to collect the courage and faced the situation. He asked why she acting different and she simply said, “I don’t know, I think I am loosing interest in this relationship”

So my friend thinks his girlfriend is becoming selfish for not sharing whatever she is dealing with so that he can deal with the problem. He wants things back to where they used to be.

My take

I think something is OFF here, that was once ON. Since they are fresh graduates, these two lovers might be facing new experiences that they didn’t had time to discuss about while they were at college. Many college relationships hardly survive after college. It could be the distance or the time to be together has declined compared to college times.


These couples need to revive the communication, because without having real and meaningful conversations they are digging a grave to their one year old relationship. They both need to be honest with each other and talk about what is missing now that used to make them happy before. 

But also there’s a good reason to giving each other space. You just graduated college and there’s so much going on in your minds right now —career goals, starting a new life and so much more to think about, all these can be stressful and you maybe not thinking straight about the relationship for now. So it’s good to have a moment to figure all these out. 

Final word

The hardest thing in a relationship is maintaining the spark. Every one in a relationship has expectations that needs to be satisfied, and when they are not, it’s when a person starts loosing interest in the relationship. Caring for each other is the key to every successful relationship. Whe I say caring I mean, especially emotional care —being concerned about each other’s welfare and thinking about other’s emotional well-being.