My college mate made a poem and sent it to me in my inbox. It’s a piece of writing with simplicity but has a heavy and serious question about love – what is love? why it’s so hard to understand love?

So, I asked my friend to share his poem here on my  blog – and here it is.


Many die for it,
others give up on it,
some don’t know it,
but few have tasted it..

is it for sex?

is it for money?
is it for power?
why is love love?

its so selfish,

its so selective,
its so stupid,
yet sooo sweet..

them scientists,

them professor, 
them philanthropists, 
have no idea.. 
why is love love?

those exchanging vows,

at the altar,
those walking the brides,
down the aisle,
have no clue,
of what awaits them,
at the end of the cave….

Wow, you have read the poem – you might want to read it twice and gather your senses to think on the question of love – what is love to you? Is love treating you well? Well, the last stanza is kinda scary though – it implies that no one knows what will happen to their relationship. This is why I think love requires a leap of faith and hope because when you embark on the journey of love you’ve no idea what fate is awaiting – so it’s only hope and faith that will keep your relationship going.

This poem was composed by Mkelemi Abdurahman Saburi, who among other professions, he is also a graduate teacher in English language and Literature.

Mkelemi Abdurahman Saburi 

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